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Tunnel Heading and Loading Machine model ITC in a few words

120f2 250
The ITC Machines is the triumphant result of our steadily up-grading tunnelling equipment, which has been designed and manufactured from many years of job site requirements and successful applications from around the World, especially in the high demands of underground and tunnel construction. With its service freindly design being one of the most importante features of the ITC machine, ensure that the machine is one of the most reliable on the market.
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The compact and robust design, the ITC and TE210 electric machines can easily be used in sections of small and medium-size tunnels. The machines are placed on a sturdy structure and the small turning radius of TE210 also allows use in narrow tunnels. The kinematics of our various booms and their modularity allows a progress in small tunnels at large without any problems.
312sl 250
The standard equipment of ITC machine includes a diesel turbocharged engine liquid-cooled and a electric motor to work to the front without emissions. The TE210 machines are equipped with a diesel engine or an electric motor. For the diesel engine, a particulate filter can be optionally installed on the exhaust.