A propos de nous

ITC SA, located in the heart of the Alps in Martigny, Switzerland, is a tunnelling equipment designer and supplier. Its application areas are roadway, highway, railway and subway tunnels, and tunnels for hydroelectric schemes, tunnels for sewers as well as tunnels for mining. 


Starting in 1971, ITC SA has been selling mining and tunnelling equipment to construction yards all over the world. Always looking for new solutions for customers’ problems, ITC SA collaborated with SSM GmbH, a German manufacturer specialized in compact equipment for civil construction, to develop a continuous crawler excavator used for cleaning the invert.


After more than 45 years, ITC SA continues to have a very strong presence in the business of supplying the highly unique product range of tunnel heading and loading machines, together with the specialised rail-track reconstruction rapid ballast loading machine.


With over 500 machines operating throughout the world, the crawler excavator became a tremendous success, mainly due to an outstanding performance and an ever-evolving concept. Boasting exceptional advance in product development, the machine has achieved exceptional efficiency and a price-performance ratio that is off the charts.


The company’s strength is the vast wealth of international experience in tailoring its product to match each customer’s specific job-site requirement. Every tunnel excavation / loading and rail-track reconstruction is different and has its own specific requirements: this is where the ITC expertise, research and development comes into its own and excels.


The ITC offering is further enhanced by their strong partners SSM GmbH and PAUS GmbH who add significant product flexibility & German quality. This, together with ITC’s presence through its well-established worldwide dealer sales service structure, gives customers peace of mind in the knowledge that they will receive excellent quality support and problem solving.


Whether in tunnels, in mines or on rails, the ITC team is ready to meet the next challenges !